Getting Ready for a Wedding, Park Hyatt


The getting ready moments at a wedding are parts of our favourite moments during a wedding day. So much so that when Bride Club ME asked us to do a styled editorial shoot at the Park Hyatt Dubai focusing on the bride’s getting ready time on her wedding day, we jumped at the idea!

We worked together with quite a large team and we had some amazing products that we worked with. We had a beautiful colour scheme and we just loved this concept! Just look at the beautiful robes from The White Company – through wedding gift registry, we want to buy them for ourselves just for everyday use!

This editorial wedding shoot at the Park Hyatt Dubai was featured on Bride Club ME and it was also featured on the largest online wedding publication in the world, Style Me Pretty. We were jumping of joy when this editorial was accepted to be featured on Style Me Pretty. This editorial was all about muted tones and softness. A romantic vibe with a fine art touch. The make-up, done by Monica Blush Beauty, was inspired by the same subtleness and a natural palette which some shimmer. The hair, done by Be Bar, a blow bar in Dubai, was simple and romantic with loose curls for the bridesmaids. The beautiful wedding dress was sent to us all the way from New York and we just love this dress from Saja Wedding. The Be Bar girls incorporated the beautiful hair pieces from Anaqa headpieces in the hair and they tied well into the look we were going for. The garter was from The Bridal Showroom and the silk ribbon from Silk & Willow. Ever After Press made the beautiful invitation suite in a muted tone colour scheme to match this subtle wedding. She makes beautiful understated invitation suites. Bride Club ME made a signature drink for the editorial and also shared this recipe on Bride Club. The beautiful range in chrystal including the glasses were MyList products.

We hope that we have been able to inspire brides to make the most of their getting ready moments on their wedding day. We believe it’s all about having fun with your bridesmaids, wearing the beautiful robes, the pretty accessories while sipping on a signature drink. To enjoy these intimate moment with your bridesmaids and not be stressed, you need to get organised ahead of time. Prepare and bring all your beautiful wedding stationary along to the bridal suite and get pampered for a few hours together with your best friends before walking down the aisle.

Hope you get inspired to nail your getting ready moments!

MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0001 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0002 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0003 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0004 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0005 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0006 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0007 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0008 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0009 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0010 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0011 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0012 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0013 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0015 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0016 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0017 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0018 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0019 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0020 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0021 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0022 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0023 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0024 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0025 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0026 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0027 MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_Park_Hyatt_Getting_Ready_Destination_Photographer_Film_Fine_Art_0028

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