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We love family portraits on the beach! And, when a family decides to do a session on the beach, we’re always hoping for that amazing soft afternoon light, and often times if we work with the right timings, we can pretty easily get the right light. During this family session on the beach with the Papatryfons who recently made the move to Dubai from the US, we were fortunate enough to get beautiful, just magic light!

We just love how family portraits unfold, they are usually very personal and every family session is different from the other. It all depends on your family, or your kids for that matter:) If the kids have calm personalities and take their time, we take it slow and follow their pace. If they are restless and like to run around, we become play mates and run around with them. So it really depends on what kind of family you are. We love all families!

Of course, we try to structure your session a little bit so that we can get the shots we need but for the most part, we feel that it’s important to make the kids comfortable and to ensure they are having fun, so we tend to go at their pace and let them be leaders, warriors, ninjas, tigers, (whatever they want!) even princesses and princes for a day.

We believe in updating and getting new family photos once a year. Because those early years of your kids lives go so quickly, we really treasure family portrait moments. It’s great to capture all of you as a family but also a fun time together where you take time to play and hang out with each other. We, photographers, are just in the background, capturing what you get up to, the love and fun you share together.

Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0001 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0002 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0003 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0004 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0005 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0006 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0007 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0008 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0009 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0010 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0011 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0012 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0013 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0014 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0015 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0016 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0017 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+Dubai+Beach+Papatryfon+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0018

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