The Hyseus Family Photos, Qasr al Sarab


The Hyseus Family Photos, Qasr al Sarab

Family photos is something really special to me. From the moment your children arrive into your arms to the day they are acting like a teenager goes far too quickly. Embrace each day you have together and ensure you remember those moments when the kids were two or three or four years old. I believe in getting your family photos taken once a year. It’s a celebration to remembering each moment and year that you grow together.

It’s not often I get to go to the Liwa desert in Abu dhabi, but when I do, I fall in love with this country again. This time I got to go with the Hyseus Family for their family photos. Qasr al Sarab is magic in itself, it’s like a giant sand castle raising itself out of the dunes. If you haven’t stayed out there and at the Qasr al Sarab, it’s definitely a place of serenity that I highly recommend. Just relaxing by the pool or walking around in the hotel looking at the old artefacts from a time not too long ago when people lived a different life here. Or simply looking out into the desert and get the feeling that you’re just in the middle of nowhere but still in the centre of everything.

Compared to the hustle and bustle of the other desert spots with frequent campers, dune buggies or land cruisers that are cruising like it’s a highway; this part of the desert is like welcoming nature back to it’s core. I imagine that this is how it was in the old days, when Arabic families would wander from desert spot to desert spot, from wadi to wadi, from camp to camp.

The desert out there is incredible and perfect for photography, both weddings and family photos. The light is just magic, it bounces off of the sand and creates a beautiful sheen. The wind is strong, the sand dunes are big and the sound of silence is serene.

Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0001 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0002 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0003 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0004 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0005 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0006 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0007 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0008 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0009 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0017Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0010 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0011Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0013 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0012Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0014 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0015 Maria+Sundin+Photography+Fine+Art+Film+AbuDhabi+Beach+Liwa+QasrAlSarab+Hyseus+Family+Lifestyle+Photographer_0016

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