A day in my life



A day in my life:

15% photography
30% editing/computer
10% social media and blogging
10% album design and production
5% print orders
10% meeting with clients
10% marketing/promotion/styled shoots
5% accounting and finances
5% networking

Saying that, here’s a pretty usual workday in my life (this is if I’m not shooting a wedding, then I’m away all day):

7.00 am –¬†Wake up!

8.00 am – At the desk, with Mac. I’ll usually answer emails until 9 or 9.30 then I’ll jump to editing which is a big part of my job and I’ll edit up to lunch time.

9.30 am – 12.45 Editing and other computer related things, like preparing for blogposts, print prep, watermarking etc.

12.45 am – Quick bite to eat

1.00 pm – Updating social media channels and the blog

2.00 pm – Client meeting or more computer related work

3.30 pm – Drive to Dubai for a family, portrait, corporate or wedding shoot

4.30 pm – Afternoon shoot

6.30 pm – Drive back to Abu Dhabi

7.30 pm – Transfer photos to Mac

7.45 pm – Culling the photos from the shoot

8.30 pm – Check emails

9.00 pm – Day finished:)

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