Summary of April 2014


Wow, April has already come to an end and I’m still amazed by how quickly time passes. When am I going to have time, or rather make time for all the other stuff I want to do?! I have had such a good month! I’ve really loved this month and I’ve learnt a lot too. I started offering newborn photography this month which is a great addition to what I do and fits so well into my work. I also learnt that men cannot be changed, which is probably a lesson I will keep learning every month… that is if I forget last month’s teachings…

I contemplated becoming a marathon runner but I decided that since 5km almost kill me, I don’t want to find out what 42km would do… so for those of you who did not read my post on that (here it is btw…), I’m still a wedding photographer.

After having gone through many wedding dresses myself for my own wedding, I have now collected a selection of my top wedding dresses so if you need some wedding inspiration, have a look at my favourite wedding dresses and where you can get hold of them!

This month, I also teamed up with the girls at Moirai Style (creative director B and Jewelry designer J), Joelle from My Lovely Wedding, sisters Dee and Dal from MakeupbyDeenDal, Julie from, Platinum Heritage (beautiful wedding venue), Mayflower (husband+wife team) and O’d Rose (some opals & gems can be found in this place!) for a Wedding Desert Shoot in a private desert reserve, with camels, landrover’s from the 50’s and falcons!

Writing about a typical wedding photographer’s day in Dubai made me realise that I work most of the time, which is quite normal I guess when you’ve got a small business. Next month I’m going to take charge of my health and with my favourite juicer. xx






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