May Wishlist



WishlistJune01. KITCHEN SCALE from Reforma Stockholm | 02. LIVING ROOM TABLES from Reforma Stockholm | 03. CHANEL ESPADRILLE from NeimanMarcus or Portero although since they’ve become so popular since last summer, they are now prices much higher than the original 495USD they were sold for last summer and most online stores are sold out so I’d say, run to the closest Chanel store to get your pair.  | 04. STORAGE BASKET from Reforma Stockholm | 05. CONTAX 645 KIT from any good place you can find it:) Since Jose Villa made film wedding photography huge, film has increased in popularity, and these are getting harder and harder to get hold of. Since they aren’t made anymore, to get your hands on one in mint condition will be a little tough and will require a bit of research.

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