My 25 rules to life


Whether we’ve created our own or borrowed them from our parents or people that have passed in and out of our lives, I think we all have them but we don’t always write them down.


  1. Always go to the bathroom, never hold it in!
  2. Admit when you’re wrong. Sometimes even when you’re not wrong. At times, your consequences are nothing compared to someone else’s.
  3. Take your sisters out
  4. Don’t save too much money – what if you are never able to enjoy it?!
  5. In the end everything will be ok, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end
  6. Buy a great handbag
  7. Cry when you watch movies
  8. Build trust in your life
  9. Wear red lipstick
  10. Don’t sit & sulk, get out of the house – only you can change the situation you’re in
  11. Listen twice as much as you talk
  12. Learn how to make a great strawberry birthday cake
  13. Spend your summers with your Mum and Dad
  14. Don’t think too much about the future
  15. Stay humble
  16. Listen to music
  17. It’s okay to ask stupid questions
  18. Be brave, take a chance, you never know what could happen!
  19. Be true to yourself, only you can live your life, so make decisions for you
  20. Never forget to brush your teeth
  21. Laugh until you cry
  22. Embrace your feelings, they’re part of who you are – whether you’re a man or a woman
  23. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives
  24. Eat ice-cream when you’re sick
  25. Be open to falling in love and then, fall in love


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