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Known for their detail-work, concept designs for beautiful wedding cakes sugar flowers, Sara and Soha started out as interior designers but soon ventured into the family business of baking.

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When you see how these girls can create a concept for your cake and tie your wedding theme to it, it really makes a huge difference. Not to mention the taste! I’ve tasted so many of their flavour combo’s like Lemon & Vanilla cake with rasberry and pistachio buttercreams, Coffee & Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, dulce de leche and coffee cream, Red Velvet with cream cheese filling and they are all delicious!

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Here’s some questions I asked Sara and Soha while visiting their house.

How tall are you?

Not very tall! 😛

Sara: 158cm

Soha: 162cm

How old are you?

Sara: 25, Soha: 23

What is a normal day in your life like?

  • A cup of tea, Social media, and answering emails.
  • Mix, Bake and Decorate, then have a little break.
  • Brainstorming and sketching for our new signature designs.
  • The rest of the day is dedicated to creating beautiful sugar flowers.

Tell us 3 words about yourselves?





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What is Gourmelicious and Gourmelicious Girls?

Gourmelicious is a cake company created by two sisters (us, Sara & Soha) and we specalise in creating couture wedding and special occassion cakes. Gourmelicious girls is a nickname that represents us cake designers and founders of Gourmelicious.

It is also our Instagram name.

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Where does the name come from?

The word Gourmet and Delicious. Gourmet food is about quality not quantity, so it was very important for us to produce not only beautiful designs but also delicious cakes.

How did it all begin?

We remember sneaking into our Grandparents’ bakery, smelling the freshly baked bread, cookies and cakes, and watching curiously. Our mom took after the same talent, she would always bake for us, make all our birthday cakes and encourage us to bake and decorate the cakes with her. She even shared with us a couple of our family’s secret recipes. As kids, we were in love with all of the Arts, and so we grew up to study in a school of Fine Arts and acquire a degree in Interior Design. Our studies helped us inspire from all the different eras and better understand the structures of cake. We then thought of combining our field of studies with our love for baking and decorating to produce unique, visually stunning, and meaningful designs.

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What are your favorite things to do on a weekend?

We’re usually working on weekends. Our weekends are not ours but the clients’ as most celebrations occur on weekends. If we’re lucky we get Friday and Saturday nights to go out with friends or a movie night at home with the family.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

It all depends on the cake design, of course every cake brings its own challenge from the complexity to the details and components. As we maintain a certain standard, the real challenge for us would be coming up with new designs and executing them in a flawless manner.

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What’s the single most important ingredient when making a cake, one ingredient that you cannot live without when making a cake?

Real Vanilla Bean, an absolute must.

How long does it take to make a wedding cake?

That depends on the cake design. We create most decorations like sugar flowers in advance, and so we bake the cake last to be freshly served. Flowers take long hours to create, so every time we add a flower, it’s labour & time.

In the case of a complex cake in which all decorations must be done directly on the cake, it’s one day for the baking and stacking , another for the design and assembly on the wedding date. Though we are known to stay up all night finishing decorations of cakes that will be eaten freshly a few hours away.

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Do you offer cake tasting?

Of course we offer cake tastings to brides that contact us as early as possible. We advice 3 months prior to the wedding. Sometimes brides are late and our schedule is almost full but we do all our best to give every bride a tasting. Do you have typical cake and filling combinations or are your clients free to pick from any flavour combination?

Do you have typical cake/filling combos or are your clients free to pick any flavor combo they like?

The tasting will be a combination of cake layers and fillings that go well together but the bride has the total freedom to mix and match flavors. We can always advice on alterations. This can be as simple or as complex as the client likes it to be. You can have a single cake flavor in one tier with layers of the same filling throughout the tier, or have an alteration of different cake flavors and fillings all in the same tier.

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What’s your favorite cake?

Our favorite cake flavor is Lemon & Raspberry but we love all elegant cakes. As long as it’s delicious and beautiful with gorgeous sugar flowers, we love it.

Have you always loved making cakes? What is the creative process like for you?

Of course we’ve always loved making cakes but now we love it more because we get to put our creatives within & have our cakes be the center of every occasion. We love everything about it, from putting together the ideas with the bride & groom to the design process and the final touches. We love filling our cakes with lovely flavors that are not usually offered, it’s part of the creative process for us.

Also making our cake entirely edible down to the sugar flowers and smallest decorations.

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What is your ethnicity?


The next wedding season 2014/2015 is coming up soon, how excited are you?

Very excited as we’re preparing for our new collection. We’ve also noticed more bride’s & grooms are being concerned with the cake design as they understand the importance of the wedding cake and how it is part of the decor in the venue, the centerpiece of attention, and the best dessert served in the day.

What inspires you and what keeps you motivated?

Anything beautiful, nature, art, interior design and fashion.

We create beautiful sugar flowers inspired by the bridal bouquet, nature & the season of the wedding. The bridal fashion has a big influence as we love replicating lace of a wedding dress or using colors of the bride’s maids dresses. Invitations hold little details or monograms that could be helpful in the cake design.

These wedding details tell us a lot about the bride’s taste and what style she favors and whether she picks a lavish venue or simple outdoor determines the size & complexity of the cake design.

Also to see the cake industry grow & develop around here, really keeps us giving more. The positive feedback we get from our clients, like how much they loved the cake, or how much they and the guests enjoyed the flavor, or how everyone has been talking about the cake weeks after the wedding, really motivates us.

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What’s next in your life?

Developing our business and the chances of the availability of our services world wide.

Can you show us a peek at a recent project you’re excited about?

We can tell you a little bit. We’re creating a huge cake for a VIP client (the biggest we’ve ever created). The cake will represent Burj Khalifa and some landscape symbolizing Dubai.

If we were to take a look inside your refrigerator, what would we find?

Cake of course! Almost all of the time & ingredients like eggs, butter, cream, cream cheese & fruits (mostly berries).

Who are your style icons?

Ladies of fashion on the screen like Audrey Hepburn, & Grace Kelly.

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel (Coco Chanel)

Designers like Monique Lhuillier & Vera Wang

World renown cake designers like Sylvia Weinstock (The Queen of Cakes)

Can you tell us the secret of how to make a great cake?

A great cake is one that is beautiful inside out. Find the best recipe and develop it with the best & freshest ingredients. Design it with passion & love. The best cake is one that is created with harmony of color and flavor, and is beautiful & delicious.

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