Dubai Portrait Photographer – let the games begin…


I love photographing¬†families on the beach in Dubai, and if the light is great, the family has coordinated their clothes, they are all in a happy playful mood and they even come up with their own games to play, even better! We spent some time impersonating Michael Jackson, playing the hat-game and finding interesting rock holes to climb into. Just like any other day in the office right:) Wouldn’t you rather be out photographing cool stuff like this than sit in an office, ah I love my job.

So I’m not sure who won the hat-game or who played but I’m pretty sure I was the one loosing out – not the fastest mover with my camera… but ah the light was so great on this day, I definitely won against universe or whoever decides what the sunlight will be like on any given day. I know, sounds silly talking about light but I can get so excited and talk about it forever so I’m going to stop now… and just show some of the shots from this funky family day on the beach!


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