Portrait Photographer Dubai – Maternity session on the beach


I felt like reminiscence today, from the days of beautiful weather. It’s getting far too humid for my camera to function properly so from now on, session inside are preferred or in any other country in the world:) Yes, I do love my travelling. But right now, I’m not going to bore you with more of my daily stories… I’m off to watch the game between Mexico and Cameroon and Spain vs. Holland, may the best team win!

Here’s the maternity session on the beach from a while back when the weather was amazing with the beautiful Irish Sarah. When decided to have our photo shoot we were planning for sun, but landed on the perfect day for it (I say perfect because it rarely happends but it was rainy and crisp which is not the most common situation in Dubai!). Maybe it was just how it was supposed the be that day because it felt like we were in Ireland for the day…


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