What’s your biggest fear when it comes to photos of yourself?


It’s getting more and more common that I hear fears from people that I photograph. And it’s interesting to see what people fear the most when I capture them on camera. I mean, I myself don’t like being in front of the camera, I much rather prefer to be behind the lens (good choice of work being behind the lens hey:)). So when it comes to capturing a moment in time with you in the frame, what is it that you fear the most?


Do you fear that you’ll look like a fat whale, that you’ll look too skinny, your bum will show from behind, that you’ll look too cheesy, too bored, over-cheerful, nerdy etc.? I think I’ve heard them all plus a few more things about specific body parts. It makes me wonder what you actually see when you look at yourself in a photo and what you see in the mirror, because no doubt in my mind, you’re the only person that sees the flaws. It also makes me wonder, when we have our photos taken, what’s more important – to look like who we really are or to look like the person we’d like to be perceived as?

For me as the photographer, I focus on the feeling in the photo. I want my photos to have a good feeling rather than focusing too much on the technicalities. I think that whether you’ve got long or short legs, if you walk away from an hours photoshoot with me feeling happy, I’ve done my job. I want my clients to have fun at a shoot and naturally let go and give in. That’s how we can come up with new stuff together and be creative as a team. If you let go and have fun with it, your photos will come out natural and you’ll look great in it, because you are relaxed and you are yourself.


I have to add that I really think everyone has something beautiful about them, whether it’s your freckles, your chin-cleft, your dimples, your dark brown eyes, your characteristic nose, your hair thickness, your hips, your energy, your spirit, your belly or your bum. Whether you don’t like it or you do, my advise is to accept it, love it and enjoy it, that way you’ll be happier – and that is what will transcend to the photos. I’d love to hear your worst fears when having a photo taken. Would you rather look like the person you’d want to be perceived as or like the person you are? Are you not that fussed about having your photo taken or is there something that you worry about when the photographer gets his or her camera out?

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Maria xx


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