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We absolutely love wedding décor, so much so that we will gladly spend extra two hours at the reception set-up or just photographing details! It’s such a great part of any day and it really helps tell a story, plus editors love detail shots as it enhances the story when they tell it in their publications. In the UAE wedding market we’ve seen a few trends from 2015 that seem to stick for 2016 but we’re also seeing some new and fresh wedding trends coming up in 2016.

You might wonder why a photography company are talking about wedding trends? Well, primarily because we love weddings and everything around them. Secondly, because we think it’s important that our brides and grooms get a peek into what we love to make a better informed decision on whether they want to hire us or not. And thirdly, we feel that the wedding trends really influence the way we think about our services and the products that we offer to wedding couples.


This trend has been strong for the past two years in the Dubai wedding world and we don’t see it on the decline just yet. In fact, it seems to be even stronger going forward. A lot of couples make use of old wood pallets, crates, wooden boards and rustic looking cakes. This wedding theme is usually super personal and always has a very intimate and fun touch to them.

Top 5 wedding trends for 2016

Organic garden.

All about using organic materials such as wood, concrete, stone, sand etc. and having a very hand-made and authentic feel to everything. This trend has been on the charts in the US and in Europe but hasn’t really come fully to the UAE wedding market yet. We’re hoping that this trend becomes stronger here as it’s just so simple and pure! It’s all about using a lot of different green foliage and neutral colours to bring out the natural beauty of a place. Pair this with a messy linen table runner and simple cutlery. A romantic lace dress, some lace touches or mexican white prayer flags and you’ve got yourself a simple wedding set-up.

Top 5 wedding trends for 2016

French vintage.

We love this trend and while it’s coming across a bit more country-side and organic in the other parts of the world, here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it’s taking more of an elegant and vintage vibe to it. We love the look of the French vintage Louis chair and using European linens for tabletops. Pairing this with the lace edged plates, golden cutlery, some hand-made calligraphy and beautiful flowers just makes this trend a very classy one. Definitely one that’s here to stay.

Top 5 wedding trends for 2016

Serenity and Rose quartz.

This has been all over lately and why not, they are stunning colours! It’s a softer take on colour and as the trend of well-being and mindfulness enters our lives, we’re generally looking for more soothing and peaceful colours, which is what these two symbolize. A calm effect on our stressful lives. The colours have been creaping into wedding décor in the states and I’m predicting that we’ll see more of this in 2016. Hopefully also in Dubai:)

But… we wouldn’t say that the Marsala trend is over yet! With it’s bold and strong nature, the colour of 2015 does fit very well into many of the weddings in Arabia. Especially with a desert coloured backdrop, the Marsala tones fit right in!

Top 5 wedding trends for 2016

(Serenity & Rose Quartz images from www.stylemepretty.com

Quality memorabilia.

As more and more print products come to the market, it’s getting more and more important for us photography studios to ensure pick the right products for our bridal couples. We have chosen to stand behind great quality products rather than bargaining for less. With a declining oil price and many couples running on a tighter budget, we have seen a need to create a wider selection of print products for our couples, while still keeping to a high quality. Some couples may not be able to invest in our luxury album but may still want a fine art album, which is why in 2016, we are offering a new standard fine art album range and we’ve added on new beautiful print boxes that won’t break the bank!

Top 5 wedding trends for 2016

So, there you have it, our 5 top wedding trends for 2016.

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