A beach portrait on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi


Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island

This beach portrait on Yas Island was such a dream! We were so short on time for this session and I think I’ve never worked so hard but I also find that I produce the best work when I push myself. I lovingly refer to this session as Portrait of a woman. It’s one of my absolute favourite sessions, photographing portraits of women in nature. I’m so pleased with how this session turned out. Before the photography session, I asked Tanja to bring something with her that was personal to her. She found it really hard to think of something to bring that would still fit with the idea of the session, but in the end she brought the lanterns she usually keeps in her balcony. Everyone that meets her always remembers her by her many lanterns and candles. So she felt if there is anything that really does have her name written on it, it’s lanterns and candle lights. We incorporated her lanterns into the session and I also love the fact that she took time out of her day to get her hair professionally done. She just looked radiant and her hair was beautiful with some wild curls.

Taking the day off to just care about yourself and going to a spa or getting your hair and make-up done followed by a photography session in the sunset is such a treat and a great way to pamper yourself:)

We met up at Yas Island, one of mine and my business partner’s absolute favourite locations for portrait or couple photography sessions in Abu Dhabi, or any fine art photography for that matter. It’s just so unlike the desert and other natural landscapes of the UAE but still has a bit of the UAE feel to it. And the light there is always perfect. That’s why I love it so much.

Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0001 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0002 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0003 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0004 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0005 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0006 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0007 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0008 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0009 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0010 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0011 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0012 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0013 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0014 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0015 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0016 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0017 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0018 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0019 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0020 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0021 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0022 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0023 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0024 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0025 Maria Sundin Photography_Fine_Art_Photographer_Dubai_Tanja_Beach_Portrait_Yas_Island_0026

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