Mariam & Shadi


Dubai. UAE. USA. Egypt. A mix of cultures, language and people. Two souls that have found each other from a distance. One living in USA and one living in the UAE. Both from Egypt. What better place than the desert to merge these three lands. The desert in Dubai where both Mariam and Shadi now live is a great spot to bring it all into one story. Film captures and the desert – two of the things I love the most in my work! I had such a good time doing this couple’s shoot in the desert and as Shadi is a fellow film photographer, I really loved photographing someone with the same love of film as I have. Mariam and Shadi look like they have been with each other for a lifetime and despite Mariam being quite scared of camels, she managed to look effortlessly natural in the photos!

If you want to read more about how this adventure of photography started, have a look in our about section but first, have a look through these images below.

Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0001 Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0002 Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0003 Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0005Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0006Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0007Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0004Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0009Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0008Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0010Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0011Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0016Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0014Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0013Maria Sundin Photography_Desert_Engagement_Shadi_Maryam_Dubai_0015

// Shot on Contax645, fuji400h film, scanned and developed by Carmencita film lab

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