An invaluable part of our business is our location, we’re in the middle of desert land in the UAE. The sheer beauty of the desert, the serenity and the simplicity of the mind when one sits down on a sand dune, is humbling. The bedouin culture, the rhythmic way of the camels, the simple life, the detailed rug tassels, the color shifts in the sand, the magical light at sunset have always been part of life here.

If you really want to get an insight into what we are all about, have a look at my personal FAVOURITES gallery where I gathered my top picks over the years. /Maria

We draw inspiration from all kinds of places such as movement, beautiful old buildings, watercolor drawings and from nature but also just from moments in every day life, the people we work with and colors. We completely emerse ourselvses in the creative process and constantly pay close attention to light.

Light is the single most important factor to a beautiful photo so it means everything to have beautiful light when we work. We are essentially a natural light fine art photography studio but at night we of course use a flash system, video lights or profoto portables. 

Over the years, my style has evolved and I now pride myself in capturing the real and the genuine.

we're 100% devoted to capturing realness,
simplicity, the gentle and
the serene.

Artistry is something unique and beautiful. I’ve always urged for an artistic expression and a couple of years ago I decided to make myself happy by emersing myself in something I was truly passionate about.

Geared up with a camera and a hunger for creation, a ton of motivation and a little fear, I started Maria Sundin Photography. It's grown into something I could never imagine. I didn't think I would still be so in love with capturing the soft touch of a hand, the sheerness of a wedding skirt, an olive branch whispering in the wind and the soft streaks of the late afternoon sun.


simple, natural, genuine

My hope is that we can bring more of the natural, fine art and old school analogue film photography to the Middle East. As a brand and as a business, we’re 100% devoted to capturing realness, simplicity, the gentle, and the serene. The natural moments that unfold on a wedding day, the precious moments at an engagement session or during the time spent with a close-knit family. Or the intimate moments we create for brands to help positioning the brand as a source of inspiration.

Nothing beats a beautiful sunset captured on film, I love just sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun setting in the horizon. With an analogue Contax camera in hand of course.


Yes, this is a strange interest but it's such an imperative part of my life that it spreads to people around me. I'm totally devoted to organic, non-GMO, no chemicals, well anything down that route!


Discovering new places, walking down new roads in small villages or finding pretty doors, old architecture, trying new cafés and sipping on local matcha or simply sitting on the beach, a mountain top taking in the view. Japan is a favourite.



simple, natural, genuine


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simple, natural, genuine